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osephine (Obin) Komara began collecting vintage cloth pieces from all over Indonesia in the mid 1970s. Obin’s search to find contemporary fabrics that could compare with the antique textile pieces in her own collection, convinced her that the rich heritage of Indonesian textile weaving and dyeing had been almost forgotten in the midst of mass machine production.
A few of the old masters of traditional cloth making were still alive, some were still working, while others had given up or could not continue their work.

Rather than lamenting the passing of an era and the loss of an art, Obin set about breathing new life into the dying handmade cloth industry. And so, with only a handful of spinners, reelers, and weavers. Obin and her team began to make cloth in the late 70s.

In the 1986, BIN house opened its first shop in Jakarta, which was soon followed with scores of textile exhibi-tions, mainly in Japan and in Indonesia.

The following year, BIN house entered an International Textile Design Contest held in Tokyo and won the first prize with an ikat piece that is entirely handwoven. Batik making has now become the main focus of Bin’s work. Together with her team of artisans at BIN house, she continuous her research and experimentations in batik making and other techniques.

In addition to cloth making, Obin has also participated in international forums such as seminars, symposiums, workshops and discussions on textile making, the most recent of which was “Artisans of South East Asia” a symposium organized by UNESCO and The Toyota Foundation in 2001.

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